Warrior Girl


“A cracking tale.”

– Nottinghamshire Evening Post

Kevin Crossley-Holland‘s Arthur trilogy was a favourite at home last year. This is what he had to say about Warrior Girl:
“thrilling battle scenes” … “The quality of the research.. suffusing Warrior Girl is such that we always feel we’re in safe hands” …The ending is “so unexpected and utterly right.”

“The writing is deceptively simple, with a brilliant opening. It is fast and pacy but with quiet spells to change the tempo and mood which match those of Jehanne’s own character. I like the way the two stories were neatly woven into one another. I really enjoyed it.”

 School Library


Set in medieval France, beginning in the year 1428, the story follows the adventures of Mariane, who is sent to live with her aunt Isabeau d’Arc, and her family. There she meets her strange cousin, Jehanne, whom we know as Joan of Arc. She is horrified to discover that that Jehanne intends to set out on a mission to save France from the English. How can a simple farm girl persuade the highest powers in the land to support her? But when Jehanne leaves, Mariane goes with her. She also has her own battle to fight, against an old enemy who will deprive her of her true inheritance, if he can.

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