Viking Girl


“An emotional journey full of suspense and mystery…I just had to find out what was going to happen…a brilliant introduction to the Viking era.”

– Rachel 13: Red House Books

“This author has a remarkable ability to conjure up detail and atmosphere from the past…(Berengeria’s) struggle to win hearts and minds to the belief that peaceful co-existence between communities of different beliefs is possible, is very resonant.”

– The Book Seller Summer 2007

“A great achievement…written with great confidence, with a fine sense of time and place. I felt I was there, and was excited to be there. I think teenagers, boys and girls, will find it a thrilling read.”

– Carnegie Medal-winning Berlie Doherty


Viking princess, Beren, leads the defeated remnant of her tribe from the Mark, to a new life in Eng-land where she believes Viking settlers will provide food and shelter.   When her uncle abandons her in territory ruled by the enemy Saxons,  Beren faces a hard struggle to survive.  A mysterious fox, a messenger from her dead father, alerts her to the treachery surrounding his death.  Beren battles enemies on every side to seek out the truth and win peace and a hopeful future for herself and her tribe.

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