Dark Thread


“An elegant and well-constructed novel…Pauline Chandler’s imagery is delightful. The book also addresses head-on some very painful taboo issues about death and how we respond to it.”

 School Librarian, Winter 1998

“Chandler has an acute ear for dialogue and a great ability to evoke the past.”

– Books for Keeps, March 1999

“A first class book…” (5 stars)
– Amazon, 2004


After her mother’s death in a road accident, Kate’s life is on hold. She truants from school and destroys the fine weaving she was preparing for a textile exhibition, where she and her mother were to be major exhibitors. She can’t talk to Dad. How can she tell him that she was to blame for her mother’s death? If she and Mum hadn’t quarrelled, if Kate hadn’t run across the road like a naughty child, Mum might not have run after her and been killed. A strange old woman from the past haunts Kate. Down at the mill, she hears Pentecost calling to her across the centuries. As she stands in her mother’s workshop, she fugues back to the time of 1771, when Cromford Mill was at the start of the Industrial Revolution, with Sir Richard Arkright and his new spinning frames: dark times, when children’s lives were used up as cheap labour in the new factories.

Living with those children and working at the mill, Kate finds a way to live with her feelings of guilt and grief. She returns to the present to take up her own life again.

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