The power of names

Every week I post antique china to places all over the world, it’s my hobby.  I love my china, but I also love reading the names of the places I ship to,  and wondering how their names were chosen. Who decided to call a place Lake Harmony, or Placid or Peaceful? Rough Close, Rocky Road, Batty Lane? Wouldn’t it be lovely to think that the inhabitants of Harmony, Placid and Peaceful lived there harmoniously, placidly and peacefully?  A wish too far, I think,considering our frail human nature! But I’d rather live there than in Cold Harbour, Deadwood or Batty Lane. Or Wuthering Heights!

I’m sure the people who named their home towns with such lovely names, also named their children in a similar way. Do you think your name affects your personality? If you’re named Patience, Prudence, Constance, Verity, do you always behave very well? Ha ha! Writer shakes her head!

Where do you live? Do you like the name of your home town? Is your name Grace or Faith? Honesty? Modesty?  If so, do you like your name or not? Let me know!




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