Romans and Celts on Kindle!

The Mark of Edain

‘Bala touched Aoife’s arm with her trunk and Aoife went to her and laid her hand on the elephant’s cheek. She moved closer, spreadng her arms wide to embrace the side of Bala’s head, one hand on her trunk, the other looped under her ear. Then she laid her head against the cushion of Bala’s face, just under the cheekbone, as a picture grew clear in her mind. Home. It was a place different from her own green hills, an arid place, with red dust and sparse vegetation. A single tree, huge,spread its shade over a wide area. Beneath its branches, elephants gathered to rest from the death-dealing heat of the day.  Bala moaned..a low, mournful sound. Home…”You want to go much as I do. You shall go. One day you shall…I, Aoife, daughter of the Druid Bevis, swear that you shall.’ 

The story of how Aoife, the Druid’s daughter, faces a dangerous journey, to go home and to save Bala, the Emperor’s war elephant,from a cruel death in the circus.  ‘The Mark of Edain’ is set in AD43, at the time of the Roman invasion of Britain.

 Amazon Kindle edition.


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