All in a day’s…

Looking back over the day, I realise that I’ve had rather a lot to say for myself, and whether for good or not, I’ve added quite a few to the sum total of words released into the wild!  First task of the day was to answer emails, Twitter, Facebook and website messages. I’ve had something to say about Tim Lott’s article on girl’s fiction in the Guardian, in which he has a go, tongue-in-cheek, at rainbows and sparkly fairies, and I’ve pontificated about teachers who steal, which makes me beyond irate.  I’ve answered questions on stories as ‘portals’ into other worlds and had a look at a book on the Macdonald family, which links Burne-Jones, Stanley Baldwin and Kipling. I’ve also cogitated on the relative quality of different ball point pens and written chatty posts to friends and family. After lunch, I put the finishing touches to a new Kindle edition of ‘The Mark of Edain’, which should be available on Amazon within the next day or two. Plus, because I’m writing a new book, I’ve made a note of any possible phrases and sentences, once they’ve settled. Busy, busy, but all in a day’s words!


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