Diary and To-Do List for 2012

-Work on new book. Clue: research trips to Sherwood Forest!

-Proof read the final draft of ‘Dark Thread’. This was my first published book, a time-slip story, in which grieving teenager,Kate Finch, is drawn into the past, joining child mill workers in one of Derbyshire’s 18th cotton spinning mills. Kate believes she has caused the death of her mother and finds comfort and forgiveness in the past, before returning to her own time and her own life.

Publication, with Five Leaves Press, is scheduled for July. I love the new cover, which shows a sinister view of Arkwright’s mill in Cromford, the setting for the story. Available to pre-order on Amazon.

-Attending Celebration for Derbyshire’s Reading Champion: Berlie Doherty, on Feb.29th, at Chesterfield Library. Berlie is one of our best writers, a wonderful story teller, poet and dramatist, for all ages.

-Tell everyone about my new book – A Children’s History of Derbyshire, published by Hometown World.  Aimed at readers and history enthusiasts aged 8-adult!Product Details http://www.amazon.co.uk/Childrens-History-Derbyshire-Pauline-Chandler/dp/1849932441/ref=sr_1_5? .s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1332081155&sr=1-5

Pre-order on Amazon.co.uk. Love that Viking! I thoroughly enjoyed doing the research for this book, which gives a brief history of Derbyshire from Roman times to the present day.  I found out so much fascinating information, far too much to include, so I hope I’ve not left out anything vital!


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