January 2011

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Kindles and the like, with some readers condemning them as dreadful – and others praising them as amazing!  What do you think? In my view, it doesn’t matter how people access books as long as they do. Hand-held devices or real books with real paper pages? It isn’t important, as long as readers can get hold of the stories they love.

What I’m Writing

In recent weeks, I’ve been tackling a book on the history of my home town of Derby, for readers between 7 and 11. A mixture of fact and fiction, it’s for a series of history books, exploring major British cities.  I had no idea there was so much Derby history to explore! So far I’ve found out about a Roman Cemetery, a Saxon sarcophagus, the Normans and the Domesday Book (they were terribly well organised),  a hilarious play called ‘The Derby Tup’, the betrayal to death of a Catholic Queen, a terrible plague, the visit of Bonnie Prince Charlie, poor children working in factories, the Dambusters and the jet engine. Wow! The whole project is fascinating!  There are yet more projects ahead this year. It’s another busy time. Don’t forget to write to me on pauline.chandler@virgin.net if you would like to ask me a question about writing.  It’s always lovely to hear from you!

What I’m Reading

The advantage of real books with real paper pages is that you can build up your own library at home. It‘s easy then to scan all those beautiful covers and  re-visit some old favourites. I’m not sure this would be as easy to do with a Kindle.  The other day I found Kevin Crossley-Holland’s Arthur trilogy again, which I absolutely loved first time around. I like trilogies, because when you’ve finished one book, you have two more to enjoy.  Another sparkling version of the Arthur story is JP Buxton’s ’I Am the Blade’.  Happy reading!


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