July 2010

Just finished reading an exciting book from Katy Moran, set in 7th century Asia.  ‘Spirit Hunter’ tells the tale of embattled lovers Swiftarrow, Shaolin apprentice, and Asena, girl warrior and Shaman of her tribe. I loved not only the story but also all the historical details about life on the steppes, the training of the Shaolin and Shaman, and the lives of the T’ang conquerors and their inhuman practices.  Titles are a great source of concern for author and publisher, who don’t always share common ground. ‘Spirit Hunter’ is just right, two words which sum up both main characters. My publisher came up with the title for ‘Warrior Girl’, which I eventually agreed to, though I thought it slightly disrespectful to Saint Joan!  After strenuous mental effort and copious amounts of tea, I found the title for ‘The Mark of Edain’ myself.  ‘Viking Girl’ was again named by the publisher, marketing gurus preferring something less obscure than my choice, ‘Winternight’, the name of the Viking festival in the book, and a crucial turning point in the plot.  I wonder if they’ll agree with the title I’ve chosen for my latest book: ‘The Angel of Clemency’.  That one came easily and feels right, so I hope they like it.  Watch this space!


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