March 2010

Spring’s here at long…long…long…last. Hasn’t it seemed such a long time until the sunshine came back? It has to me. I’ve been hibernating all winter and I’m now emerging from my wraps and shawls to blink at the day! Not casting a clout yet though. My mother always advised against it, until the may was out,  and she was a very wise woman.  I hope everyone had a really good World Books Day and that you all have a huge pile of books to read.

What have I enjoyed reading lately?  Leslie Wilson’s ‘Saving Rafael’ is a wonderful love story, between two German teenagers, one Jewish, one not,  played out against the background of Nazi Germany. There’s fresh authentic detail about what life was like for the ordinary German people during that terrible regime, where life-or-death choices had to be made. Another book for 12+ that I’ve enjoyed is ’Dido’ by Adele Geras.  It’s a challenging read with less action, to start with, and more interior monologue, but the characters are superbly engaging and the ending lives with you long after you’ve finished the book.

Malcolm Walker’s ’The Stone Crown’ is a lively Arthurian adventure and ’’Enchanted Glass’ by Diane Wynne-Jones will delight all fantasy – magic and wizardry fans.

Happy reading!


One thought on “March 2010

  1. bought it for my grandson who is 9 so he can have fun and also learn and see if he would love to bow hunt as he gets olrdh.tee only problem is 25lb pull back on the bow is a little to much and he will have to get stronger, but i think he will enjoy this toy and learn to shoot

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