April 2009

British Summertime…

… is officially here! And I’m enjoying the sunshine as often as possible.  The garden is full of birds. They’re very fussy about which seeds to eat from the mix I put out every day. Sunflower seeds are a favourite. I’m also feeding three chickens and five pheasants – Mr Fezzy and his four wives – who wander into the garden from a neighbouring farm. My cat Princess likes to stalk them, but she doesn’t get very far with that idea, as she is quite old and they’re very good at a quick get-away.

Writing – I’m still working on Elinor’s tale.  Whenever I think one part is finished a dozen new avenues open in front of me. It’s like walking through a maze.  Sometimes I think ‘One more turn and I’ll reach the middle, the halfway point’ , but I’m finding that the story is unfolding in a more complex way than I originally planned. What’s going to happen next? Can’t wait to find out!

Reading – I should say Listening, as I’m now addicted to audio books which I listen to in the car while I’m driving. So far this spring, I’ve enjoyed Victor Hugo’s ‘Les Miserables’, more tales from Blandings Castle by PG Wodehouse, some Agatha Christie stories, some Alan Bennett ‘Talking Heads’, and Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’.  Listening  to stories is just as wonderful as reading them!


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