January 2009

2009 began with good news for The Mark of Edain, which has been short-listed for the Rotherham Book Award. Hooray!

This week I enjoyed meeting students from Highfields School, Matlock, Derbyshire, all members of the thriving lower school reading group.  During our  lunchtime chat, there were so many interesting questions that a fascinating hour just flew past. I hope to visit Highfields again soon.

On January 31st I shall be signing books at Waterstone’s, Nottingham, so if you’re out and about that day, do pop in for a chat!

What I’m writing

My current project is another medieval story, set in England in 1415, about Elinor, whose sister is kidnapped and held by a secret society. Alysaunde has albinism and is seen by many as ‘touched by faerie.‘  The members of the cabal will use Alys’s blood, skin and hair in a magic ritual, to bring about the death of the king. Elinor’s quest to find her sister takes her to France, to fight with King Henry’s army, at Agincourt.

What I’m reading

Paul Gallico: Flowers for Mrs  Harris

Mrs Harris, a Cockney cleaning lady, has a secret ambition – to own an haute couture dress from  a top French fashion designer. She travels to Paris in search of her dream.

There are several Mrs Harris stories.  She’s a wonder!  And Paul Gallico is one of my literary heroes.  Have you read ‘The Snow Goose‘?  He is such a good storyteller.

Julia Glass:  I See You Everywhere   

A beautifully written account of the  stormy relationship between two sisters.  Blood wins out in this heart-warming tale. You’ll need your hankie!

Alice Munro: Runaway    

Superlative short stories from this amazing writer. A must for serious readers.


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