Dark Thread

A new edition from Five Leaves Press.

‘When Kate’s mum is killed on the busy road outside the mill, Kate finds it hard to go on running the weaving workshop they shared together. When she finally goes back there, she plunges back into the past, at a time when the lives of spinners and weavers were changed forever by the new textile factories. It’s the old wise woman, Pentecost Hibbs, who helps Kate to find her way home’.

This is an emotional story about a teenager dealing with grief and finding a way to move on in her life. It’s also about the characters she meets in the past: Pentecost, Flint the harsh overseer, Pitt the bully and  Ruth, Tabby and Mattie, the girls who befriend her and take her to work at the manufactory. The setting of the story is the dramatic and sometimes dangerous hills and streams of a Derbyshire dale, the actual location of Cromford Mill, one of the very first factories of the Industrial Revolution. Nowadays the Mill is a fascinating place to visit, with plenty to see from the days of the original mills. When you tire of the history, there are shops, craft workshops and cafes. I love watching the water course as it crashes over falls and swirls through the sluices. The planned restoration of at least one water wheel is very exciting. I can’t wait to see it in action!